Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 1: Is Hanna Dead?!?

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New season. Same old lies.

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 1, the clock was ticking on our favorite heroines, as they raced to determine whether or not Hanna truly was killed on the Season 6 finale.

Pretty Little Liars Premiere Photo

We opened with Aria, Emily and Spencer digging a grave, each in hysterics, with no answer offered as to for whom the grave was being created.

Clearly Mary Drake, Mrs. DiLaurentis’ twin, played a role in Hanna’s disappearance, right?

As the group figured out how to confront her, they received a text from A.D., a new villain who hinted that Hanna was in the church where Charlotte died.

(Because we're now five years into the future, the ladies receive their threats via Apple Watches. Product placement!)

Once inside the church, the Liars came across Hanna’s corpse was hanging from the ceiling… or so they thought.

Turns out, however, A.D. had placed a mask (just like the ones Mary Drake and Ali’s scheming husband, Elliott Rollins, have been wearing) on a doll.

When they pulled the string in its back, the doll informed them that they have 24 hours to give up Charlotte’s real killer in order to save Hanna’s life.

We admit it: the doll scared us. A lot.

It didn’t take long into the premiere for viewers to be given a glimpse of a bloody-lipped Hanna in a wooden shed, wearing only a shirt and underwear.

But would her friends rescue her before the clock ran out?

Before that question could be answered, Mary Drake visited Spencer’s home, looking for her parents. They were out, but Spencer invited Mary in and they shared some tea.

They also shared a few family secrets, with Mary saying she had a a volatile relationship with Mrs. DiLaurentis and warning Spencer to lock her door.


Spencer and Toby flirted while looked into the possibility that Mary is A.D. 

Emily spent the bul of the hour reminiscing on her relationship with Ali... who is currently being poisoned with something in a mental hospital by her lying doctor husband.

As Emily had a nice flashback to an early memory smooching Ali, she discovered the red coat that Ezra and Aria talked about earlier, concluding that Ali must have killed Charlotte.

(We have our doubts about that.)

Ezra and Aria, who boinked on the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 finale, held hands inside a closet after Elliot came home and they had were nearly caught snooping through the place.

Aria later asked Ezra if they were once again a "we," only to run into his arms after hearing their song in a bar.

Finally: Spencer came to Hanna in a dream, telling her:

"If there’s a way in, there’s a way out.”

So... when Hanna’s kidnapper came back to the shed - where Caleb dropped off the red coat in exchange for Hanna’s safety - she was out of there.

Hanna ran sprinted the woods and stopped a car to help her. The car vehicle being driven by, of course, Mary Drake.

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