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Unless you turned off the Oscars after Stacey Dash’s awkward cameo and spent the days since in a semi-comatose state of stunned disbelief, then you know that one of Hollywood’s most beloved talents finally got recognized by the Academy on Sunday night.  

Yes, Chris Jenkins finally took home the top prize for his many years of outstanding sound editing.

Leonardo DiCaprio Holds His Best Actor Oscar in the Press Room
Photo via Apega/

We kid! The big buzz of the night (and the months leading up to the awards) was Leonardo DiCaprio’s all-but-guaranteed win for his work as Grunty McBeardo in The Revenant.

But just because Leo took center stage for the night (He even stole the spotlight from Spotlight! We’re very sorry for that joke.), that doesn’t mean he was in a forgiving mood.

You may remember that DiCaprio and Lady Gaga butted heads (literally, her butt almost hit his head) at the Golden Globes back in January.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Gaga tried to make nice at an Oscars after-party, but “Leo was not having any of it.”

According to the insider, once you piss off DiCaprio, it’s hard to come back-rio (sorry again!):

“Gaga has been shut out of several big projects this month, and she believes that Leo is the reason why," says the source. 

“She said that he is sabotaging her chances at a real career in acting and she is freaking out!”

But Gaga wasn’t the only one who found herself an unexpected target of Oscar-Winner Leonardo DiCaprio’s wrath:

Leonardo DiCaprio Middle Finger

The above photo of DiCaprio appearing to flip a subtle bird to the Academy has been making the rounds online, and many feel the finger placement was no accident.

After-party attendees say the 41-year-old was also spotted "howling like a wolf" in celebration and his group of assembled bros (formerly known as "the P-ssy Posse") chanted "wolf pack" in response.

It seems like Leo may have decided to let his douche flag fly now that he’s finally won Hollywood’s top prize, and as long as he keeps being this entertaining about it, that’s fine by us.