LeAnn Rimes: SLAMMED For Using Orlando Tragedy to Promote Album!

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As you've no doubt heard, a mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub over the weekend has been declared the deadliest in U.S. history, with 49 dead and another 53 wounded. 

Most famous figures who spoke out on the tragedy have reacted in shock and anger, sharing their grief on social media and encouraging their fans to donate blood to help save those who are still fighting for their lives in area hospitals.

Sadly, whenever a large numbers celebrities are speaking out on the same subject, it's a safe bet that at least one of them won't be able to suppress their ego long enough to let something not be about them for a change.

In this case, the D-lister du jour is none other than LeAnn Rimes, who recently decided to plot a career comeback after years of being best known for stealing Brandi Glanville's husband..

Oh, and posting a lot of bikini selfies. She does that, too,

Anyway, LeAnn shared a tribute to the victims on Instagram, but for some reason that defies logic, she also thought it would be an ideal time to plug her forthcoming album:

LeAnn Rimes Orlando Shooting Tribute

"These are lyrics from a song that I wrote w/ @darrellbrownmusic @tobygadmusic @lindyrobbins123 a few months ago. I felt moved to share these words in support of the #lgbt community and LOVE itself.

"This was written straight out of my heart and my beliefs. LOVE IS LOVE! Everyone deserves to love who they wish and receive love in return, free of judgement.

"I hope you join me in spreading this message. I can't wait to share more of the song with you all soon enough."

Okay, at least she stopped just short of posting a link to buy the song on iTunes (though that might be just because it hasn't been released yet) but, really, LeAnn - "I can't wait to share more of the song"?

It's a little weird to get all giddy about the next stage in your career while you're paying tribute to 49 people who were tragically gunned down. Just sayin'.

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