LeAnn Rimes Turns 33; Celebrates With Butt Selfie

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It might be hard to believe, due to her ongoing obsession with bikini selfies and inspirational bumper sticker slogans, but LeAnn Rimes is 33 years old.

Naturally, LeAnn took to Instagram to wish herself a happy birthday with - you guessed it - a poolside swimsuit shot:

LeAnn Rimes Birthday Swimsuit Pic

There was a time when LeAnn was one of the biggest names in country music.

Those days are long, long gone, however, and now she's mostly famous or stealing Brandi Glanville's husband and Instagramming like a bored middle-schooler on summer vacation.

Speaking of summer, now that it's wrapping up, can we put a bullet in every one of those damn inflatable swan rafts that have been all over social media for the past three months?

Anyway, LeAnn captioned the above pic, "33 is great! #fringe #pool #sun." We hear Jesus captioned an Instagram post the exact same way on his 33rd birthday and look how that turned out.

We kid, of course. We'd like to wish LeAnn a happy birthday and congratulate her on the release of the LeAnn Rimes App. Seriously, that's a thing.

Also, we'd like to remind her that 33 is still very young. Just look how hot Brandi Glanville still looks and she's 42 with multiple children.

Oh, sorry.We may have just touched on multiple sore subjects.

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