Kelly Osbourne: I Was Sexually Assaulted in a Bar!

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Kelly Osbourne was involved in a bizarre incident in a Los Angeles bar last week, and some witnesses are claiming the 31-year-old media personality was publicly groped by a stranger in public. 

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It's unclear exactly what happened, as several bar patrons have offered conflicting stories, and an unsettling number of them seem inexplicably fixated on Kelly's level of intoxication.

According to Radar Online, the incident occurred while Osbourne was hanging out with a friend at the Sunset Marquis Hotel on June 16.

"Kelly seemed wasted drunk and she was screaming and causing a scene," one eyewitness tells Radar.

"She was with a group of people in a VIP area when she had this meltdown. People definitely noticed!"

"She was happy and celebrating," a different onlooker counters.

"She was absolutely not thrown out of the bar."

A third patron offers a possible explanation for the conflicting nature of the first two stories with this account:

"Kelly was having a calm night with her friends when a guy in the bar tried to put his hand up her skirt. Some heated words were exchanged, and it's no wonder. She's an Osbourne!"

Well, we don't think you have to be an Osbourne to get upset when you're sexually assaulted, particularly when the violation happens in public, and every witness is more concerned with how drunk you are.

Kelly has been back in the tabloids in recent weeks as a result of Ozzy Osbourne's affair with Michelle Pugh.

Kelly has taken the controversial stance that her father is not to blame, and is in fact a victim of elder abuse.

Earlier this month, Kelly posted Pugh's phone number on Twitter, in a move that many decried as a shameful act of cyberbullying.

We may never know exactly what happened last week, but it's clearly another strange chapter in the increasingly bizarre life of Kelly Osbourne.

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