Jenelle Evans to Dalis Connell: You're an Escort! No Wonder Ryan Edwards Dumped You!

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Jenelle Evans is currently on vacation at Disney World, but we all know drama follows the Carolina Hurricane everywhere she goes.

Dalis Connell
Jenelle Evans Making Silver and Orange Work!

The troubled Teen Mom 2 star engaged in another bizarre, public feud this week, and for once, it wasn't with an ex-lover - or her mom.

It was, however, with a member of the Teen Mom family.

Extended family, at least. If you watch Teen Mom online, then you probably know who Dalis Connell is: Ryan Edwards' former girlfriend.

Edwards, the father of Maci Bookout's first child Bentley, gave Adam Lind a run for his money for awhile as the franchise's #1 derelict.

Nowadays, he's mellowed out somewhat, and strangely enough, it's Dalis - his girlfriend after breaking up with Maci - who's in the news.

Connell and Jenelle Evans, who's certainly no stranger to throwing down online with her Teen Mom counterparts, got into a feud over this:

Jenelle on FB

Ryan’s ex, a personal trainer and model, was hanging out in Las Vegas with some notoriously womanizers, which is how this all started.

According to Starcasm, Jenelle evidently promoted a post about this on her Facebook page, implying Dalis is a “paid escort” ... seriously.

Dalis, naturally, responded in kind:

Accusing Jenelle of spreading fake stories about her to get paid, Connell took Evans to task after posting a screen shot of that article.

Evans then told Dalis she should “go away now” because she’s “annoying,” then added this cheap shot: “No wonder why Ryan left you."

Rough. Undeterred, Connell then informed her Twitter followers that Jenelle had blocked her because she dish it out, but she can't take it.

Dalis Tweeting

Dalis also accused Jenelle of being a bad parent who doesn't do a good job taking with her kids, and isn't the first to make that observation.

Nor will she be the last we're guessing. Just saying.

Probably the most absurd thing about this (beyond Jenelle posting that on Facebook in general) is that Ryan and Dalis broke up in 2013.

No offense to Dalis Connell, but who's even thinking about Dalis Connell for any reason? Not even the most ardent Teen Mom expert.

Don't get us wrong, we're sure she's a really nice girl who looks smoking hot in a bikini (see below) probably does not trade sex for money.

Dalis Connell Bikini Photos

It's just that ... why is she on Evans' radar?!

Perhaps Jenelle should chill and focus on enjoying her fun in the sun with David Eason and making sure their kids don't get eaten at Disney.

For reals. That's literally a risk these days.

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