Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Agree to Drug Testing, Then Don't Do So Obviously

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Teen Mom 2 train wrecks Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith both agreed to drug testing as part of their recent custody settlement agreement.

The only catch? Neither one of them actually doing it.

Nathan, Jenelle on Teen Mom 2 Reunion

As we reported yesterday, Jenelle quietly agreed to drug testing in the wake of the couple's custody battle and reunion show fireworks.

On Monday's Teen Mom 2 post-mortem with Dr. Drew, s--t hit the fan HARD between the combative duo, who share young son Kaiser, 2.

Griffith pointedly said that Evans and David Eason are drug addicts, saying he doesn't feel Kai is safe with Jenelle and her new boyfriend.

Jenelle countered by calling Nathan a steroid abuser and saying that SHE is the one who worries about the little boy's safety half the time.

Not content to let her have the last word, the always-classy Nathan also said Jenelle is painful in bed and has put in 30-40 pounds.

This was all taped awhile back, of course.

Since then, the parties settled their issues in court, with Jenelle receiving primary custody and Nathan visitation every other weekend.

As part of the custody pact, however, both parties agreed to drug testing before their agreement could be finalized. The language reads:

“[Both the] parents agree to undergo testing for opiates, marijuana and steroid use, through a certified, third-party drug testing facility."

The deal also specified that the results of the aforementioned tests will be communicated with each parent’s respective legal counsel.

Makes sense, but the sad reality here?

After signing off on the documents, insiders say that neither troubled party ever followed through with the “expensive” testing specified.

According to Starcasm, the judge did sign off on the final agreement between Evans and Griffith, which says all the appropriate things.

The agreement reads in part: “The parents believe that each is an important continuing presence in their child’s life."

"[This] reflects the desire of both parents to create a positive environment for Kaiser’s development and to ensure each parent’s continuing relationship with him.”

It's not clear if Jenelle and Griffith have knowingly flaked on drug tests, or how often, and whether that may impact the deal's future.

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