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Earlier this week, Ireland Baldwin checked into rehab to receive treatment for emotional and psychological issues.

Yesterday, Andy Dick checked into rehab for the thirteenth time to treatment for being Andy Dick.

Not surprisingly, Baldwin and Dick are at the same swanky SoCal facility. Also not surprising is the fact that Andy is being a dick.

Andy Dick Pic
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“Andy honestly seems to think that he can be like a big brother to her and save her,” an insider tells Radar Online. “Andy really has been trying to befriend her and guide her on how to deal with her issues while being a celebrity.”

Fortunately, even at the tender age of 19, Ireland knows enough to not accept advice from the guy who’s been there twelve times before!!!

“Ireland has not taken well to his advice,” the source says. “She has really been doing her best to avoid him while she’s in there.”

Hmmm…we’re starting to think she’s being subjected to the Dick Test. If it’s not a real thing, it should be:

Doctors let Andy Dick loose in a rehab facility, and if you’re smart enough to keep your distance from him, then your treatment has obviously been successful, and you’re ready to re-enter society.

Ironically, the only person who can never pass the Dick Test is Andy Dick, who’s never ready to re-enter society.