Coco Austin: Check Out My Butt!!!!!

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Coco Austin is back at it, folks.

The reality star has once again taken to Instagram in order to address certain world events and offer up her take on how we can best achieve peace and unity as a people.

Coco Austin Butt Photo

Just kidding.

Austin is posing in a very risque outfit.

The blonde bombshell has come under a lot of fire for the way she uses her social media account, but, to her credit, Coco doesn't seem to care.

She's gonna pose in seductive manners and show her baby off in weird outfits and she doesn't really care what you think about it.

In the latest example, Coco is wearing your basic little black dress... except it's very tight and she is facing away from the camera in order to flaunt her rear end.

It was snapped in Atlantic City, on a date night Austin shared over the weekend with husband Ice-T.

"I don't get dressed up as much as I used to since the baby," she wrote of her evening out without daughter Chanel. "It feels good to look pretty when I'm not in mama mode."

Ever since giving birth in November, Coco has taken it upon herself to stand up for mothers around the world.

Who says they can't have a good time? (Really, we're not sure; who says this?)

"Even though I have a baby, I can still put on makeup, do my hair and get my nails done and be put together by my outfit," she has previously said of her style.

"I'm not overdoing it. It's the way my personality is. It's not like I'm going to be in a moo-moo tomorrow. People need to get over that."

Well said, Coco!

But maybe just chill on the Twerking in lingerie thing? That's all we ask.

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