Coco Post-Baby: Pics of the New Mom & Her Bounce-Back Body

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It's been ten days since Coco welcomed her first child.

That length of time is important, because as Mrs. Ice T's Instagram pics show, she's in possession of some sort of sort of weight loss/muscle toning secret that will make her a bajillionaire if/when she decides to share it with the rest of humanity.

Coco's post-baby body must be seen to be believed, but we suppose we shouldn't have expected anything less from the 36-year-old fitness guru.

Coco's baby bump was nearly non-existent just days before she gave birth, and just a week after welcoming little Chanel, it's hard to believe she was ever pregnant.

Check out the gallery below and be amazed. Oh, and the baby's cute, too:

1. Coco: Post-Baby Body Photo

Coco: Post-Baby Body Photo
Coco shows off her post-baby body. She's 36 weeks pregnant on the left. The pic on the right was taken one week after she gave birth.

2. Coco: Topless Baby Photo

Coco: Topless Baby Photo
Coco knows that if there's one thing the Internet loves more than baby photos it's nudity. So she's decided to combine the two in an effort to go viral!

3. Coco: Boobs and Baby

Coco: Boobs and Baby
Coco posted a photo of herself and her new daughter just four days after giving birth. Her post-baby body is not to be believed.

4. Coco: 36 Weeks Pregnant

Coco: 36 Weeks Pregnant
Coco at 36 weeks. Yeah, we wouldn't even know she was pregnant if she didn't say so.

5. Coco and Ice T's Baby

Coco and Ice T's Baby

6. Coco Austin Shows Off Daughter Chanel

Coco Austin Shows Off Daughter Chanel
Coco Austin showed a picture of her three-day-old daughter, Chanel after breast-feeding.

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