Christy Mack to Release Domestic Violence-Themed Emojis

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Christy Mack is about to take the emoji world by unexpected storm.

Over the past several weeks, numerous celebrities have come out with their own line of these animated text message icons.

Christy Mack Image

There are now Steph Curry emojis and Justin Bieber emojis.

There are also Amber Rose emojis and Kim Kardashian emojis.

But Mack has come up with something truly unique among this crowd.

Back in August of 2014, Mack made very unfortunate headlines when she accused her then-boyfriend, an MMA fighter who went by the nickname War Machine, of domestic violence.

Mack shared a handful of truly disturbing photos at the time, writing that she broke 18 bones in total at the hands of her violent lover.

She also wrote that War Machine sawed off a lot of her hair with a "dull knife."

Here is a look at one of those photos posted by Mack:

beaten Mack

War Machine was eventually arrested for the alleged beating and attempted suicide in prison.

It's a troubling story for many reasons, but Mack is now trying to give it a positive spin.

As reported by TMZ, Mack has launched an emoji line based on the aforementioned images of her assault.

"The decision to include a few emojis with a black eye, bruising, and so on is a way of bringing attention through shock value," Mack explains of this unusual decision

"I'm willing to risk some people using them in a negative way to get the point across."

Christy Mack emjoi

The "MackMoji" will be made available to the public on Thursday ... with a portion of the proceeds going to the Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence foundation.

So Mack isn't just talking a good game here.

She's trying to take important action.

"So many are afraid to speak out, often times because they’re scared their partner will see history of their cry for help," Mack adds.

"This simple emoticon could save a life. I want everyone to know they’re not alone."

Christy Mack emjoi 3

We applaud Mack for turning a tragic situation into a possible positive for others in her position.

We can't imagine having gone through an ordeal such as this.

Christy Mack emjoi 2

What do you think of this unusual emoji line? Will you support Mack's cause?

Or do you find the whole thing sort of weird and creepy?

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