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War Machine tried to kill himself inside his Las Vegas prison cell this week.

The former MMA fighter is behind bars after while awaiting trial on charges that he tried to kill ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and her boyfriend Corey Thomas.

He was found by a corrections officer around 9:30 Tuesday night.

The Clark County Jail employee spotted an unresponsive War Machine (real name Jonathan Koppenhaver) sitting on the ground with his feet on the bunk bed.

He therefore entered the cell and found a piece of linen around War Machine’s neck. It was tied to the leg of the bed… and War Machine’s face was purple.

The officer cut and removed the linen and War Machine soon started to breathe easier while eventually trying to speak. A suicide note was also found at the scene.

The allegedly violent maniac is currently in a medical isolation cell on suicide watch, where it will be harder if not impossible to attempt this maneuver again.

According to Christy Mack, War Machine showed up at her house on August 8 and beat the living heck out of Mack and her boyfriend, Corey Thomas.

He pummeled Mack to an even bloodier extent than he did Thomas, breaking various bones all over the porn star’s body and rupturing her liver.

The images of Mack after this incident were beyond brutal and severe, although she has recovered remarkably well in the two months since it happened.

After the incident, War Machine then went on the run and eluded capture for a week before he was found outside a hotel in Los Angeles in mid-August.

He is being held without bail.