Chris Brown Tour Manager: He's a Terrifying Drug Addict!

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Ah, Chris Brown.

Just when we think you've reached the heights of terrifying, drug-fueled insanity, you go and surprise us by upping the batsh-t ante with some fresh psychotic behavior.

Calm Chris Brown

Shortly after being stopped by cops for being super stoned in Amsterdam last week, Brown is now being accused of getting high and assaulting his manager.

No, not that manager.

This one is a woman named Nancy Ghosh, and she claims that Breezy threatened her on a tour bus and frightened her so badly that she demanded the bus pull over.

She quit on the spot and the next day, fired off an email to the other members of Brown's team, in which she explained that she felt "unsafe" on the bus, as Brown was "irrational and high on drugs."

We assume Ghosh didn't look Brown up on Wikipedia before she accepted the gig.

We're pretty sure "irrational and high on drugs" are literally his middle names.

It's unclear exactly what went on between Brown and Ghosh, but according to TMZ, the longtime celeb wrangler compared Brown's most recent tantrum to his treatment of previous manager, Mike G.

In fact, Ghosh says Brown referenced "what he did to Mike G." in order to intimidate her.

In fairness, at least Breezy has taken to warning women when he's on the verge of a violent outburst.

You really have to focus on the baby steps when you're praising Chris Brown.

There's no word yet on what drugs Brown was on or whether or not he got physical with Ghcosh.

We'll have further updates following Brown's next tirade, which is set to occur any minute now.

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