Chris Brown SUPER Stoned, Stopped By Cops in Amsterdam

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Chris Brown partying and getting high in Amsterdam is not a shock.

It's legal to smoke marijuana there, so Breezy partaking in the local culture really isn't even a big deal.

It is not legal, however, to drive while under the influence - or to drive a motorcycle without a license plate.

But after a coffee house smokeout session, Brown hopped on a dirt bike and drove around the city, only to be stopped by local police, which was caught on video by TMZ.

The weed must've really chilled out Brown, who we all know has displayed violent tendencies in the past, because he was cool as a cucumber throughout the entire ordeal.

His friend tried to explain that Brown was "one of the most famous rappers," but the cops there had no idea who he was - which might've actually worked in his favor considering his past brush-ups with the law.

The officer told Brown and his entourage that they'd be slapped with a fine and couldn't drive any further, and Brown was surprisingly calm.

"That's fine," he told them. "We'll get the van to come get us."

And in a move that made us wonder if this was the real Chris Brown or some sort of imposter, he even thanked the cop for a job well done.

"Thank you for doing your job, sir, appreciate it," he said without a lick of sarcasm, and even invited the officer to attend his show the following night.

"They're nicer than LAPD. I've been on pavement," he told his friends.

When the authorities told him he'd have to go down to the station to pay a fine for driving without plates, he was good with that, too. 

"No problem, sir," he said, then later complimented the man's jacket.

Looks like a high Chris Brown is a very, very nice Chris Brown.

Later, the rapper posted videos from the station to his Instagram account, calling the police "cool as shit."

TMZ also caught videos of Chris smoking a joint just before getting on the bikes, and of a local woman complaining about his driving as he just sits there grinning from ear to ear.

Perhaps his charm got him out of the higher (no pun intended, but it works) crime of driving under the influence.

Either way, it's quite the contrast to last week's TMZ vid in which we saw an angry Brown stomping on a man's head during a concert.

Something seems fishy, though. These Amsterdam videos are eerily clear and shot quite close up. Were they somehow staged?

It's hard to know, but we're fairly certain they incited a couple eye rolls from Brown's baby mama Nia Guzman, who has been warring with her ex over social media and recently slammed him as an "Instagram dad."

All we know is if we ever have a run-in with Breezy, we hope he's high when it occurs.

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