Britney Spears Bikini Photos Prove the Summer of Brit is Upon Us

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It's officially summer, which means as you while away the hours in your cubicle, open floor plan office, or mobile meth lab (we're not here to judge), your thoughts may start drifting toward sand, surf and swimwear.

For celebrities like Britney Spears, however, summer never really starts or ends, because they can jet off a tropical climate anytime they feel like it, and despite constant claims to the contrary, they rarely do any real work.

Britney Spears Shows Off Bikini Body In Green Bathing Suit

(Side note: Always of be wary of people who are constantly telling you how hard they work.)

Britney Spears bikini season started in March this year, when the singer flaunted her perfectly toned abs in a barely-there two-piece.

The background in some of the pics made us think of the pool in that hillbilly trailer court where Rosamund Pike hides out in Gone Girl, but that's a different story.

Brit herself looked fantastic, and in order to prove those shots were no fluke, she's back at it again with the bikini selfies. Daaaaaamn, Britney!

Britney Spears in a Bikini on Instagram
Britney Spears in a Pool

You might be saying to yourself, "Hey, doesn't Britney live in Vegas, where they've stopped issuing weather alerts because all of the meteorologists have melted like Nazis in an Indiana Jones movie?"

The answer is yes - but that's not about to stop Brit from taking full advantage of peak bikini season.

"My head is melting it's so hot in Vegas!!" she captioned the photo on the left.

As we've learned from previous pics, Brit has no qualms about modeling swimsuits inside, but we guess sometimes she just needs that authentic backdrop.

Anyway, she needs to stay her ass in the pool or get under that waterfall ASAP.

We don't want another Britney meltdown, and we certainly don't want Britney to actually melt.

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