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Brandi Glanville has said and done a lot of questionable things over the years, and she’s got plenty of social media haters as a result.

Brandi Glanville on a Red Carpet
Photo via Paul Archuleta

But she may soon feel the wrath of the Internet like never before thanks to comments she made about beloved actor/meme inspiration Ryan Gosling.

In addition to his chiseled physique, his work in numerous acclaimed films, and the fact that he seems like an all-around nice guy, Gosling knows how to say all the right things in interviews.

Case in point: Earlier this week, the Baby Goose told a UK magazine that he believes women are better than men

That’s the kind of comment that makes people like a celebrity more.

Brandi Glanville takes a very different tack when it comes to the media.

She likes to say obnoxious things to goad the press into reporting about how she kinda sucks.

Cases in point: When she calls her friends "cowards" and "c-nts," or when she calls Ryan Gosling a "mangina":

In the clip above, Brandi and Aubrey O’Day – her co-star on the upcoming VH1 reality series Famously Single – played a game of "F–k, Marry, Kill" with Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Hemsworth as the subjects.

Apparently, Brandi would bang Hemwsorth, marry Leo, and kill Gosling.

Not only would she kill Ryan, she dismisses him as a "magina" who "doesn’t do it for her."

Obviously, the most offensive thing here is Brandi’s lame-ass attempt at a pun.

Mangina?! That sounds more like "angina" than "vagina." 

Hey girl, are you saying the Goose gives you chest pains? That’s cold.