Amy Schumer Posts Very Racy Photo for Very Important Cause

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Wondering what the difference is between Amy Schumer and Kim Kardashian?

Take notes, people...

Amy Schumer Says Hello

When you see a photo of Kim Kardashian nude, it's because Kim Kardashian wants to increase her number of Instagram followers, which helps her attractive better ad deals and brands.

When you see a photo of Amy Schumer nude, it's because she wants to see fewer people die in senseless, gun-related tragedies.

Allow us to elaborate:

Yesterday was Gun Violence Awareness Day, an occasion many people around the country honored by wearing orange.


Because the occasion was started three years ago Chicago locals who wanted to pay tribute to a friend who had lost their life to gun violence.

Individuals were asked to wear orange because it's a bold color worn by hunters to protect them from being shot.

Schumer, of course, has an unfortunate connection to gun violence.

Last summer, a gunman opened fire on a crowded Louisiana movie theater during a screening Trainwreck, the comedy Schumer both wrote and starred in.

Two people died in the incident.

The tragedy pushed Schumer to take an active role in trying to fix gun laws in this country, as she campaigned alongside Senator Chuck Schumer for gun control reform.

Fast forward to June 2, 2016 and Schumer's attempt to bring attention to this important cause.

And what better way, on the Internet, to bring attention to a cause than to basically go naked?

Click on the photo below to see what we mean. It's a snapshot of Schumer without any pants on... or any underwear on.

She is very much bottomless here, people...

Amy Schumer Without Pants

"Today please #WearOrange for gun safety @Everytown," she wrote as a caption to the racy image.

That Twitter handle is a reference to Everytown for Gun Safety, which a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities.

Schumer also shared a more PG-rated picture of herself and many friends wearing orange yesterday:

Amy Schumer in Orange

"Me and my honeys on set like to #wearorange thinking of you today and everyday Mayci and Jillian," she wrote as a caption to this picture.

Mayci and Jillian are the names of the two people who died at that Trainwreck shooting last July.

We salute Schumer and everyone else who took a moment to honor Gun Violence Awareness Day this week.

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