Brandi Glanville on Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards: SUCH Cowards!

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If Brandi Glanville had a burn book, it would indeed be massive, but Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards would be in the pages up front (right after LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian).

Brandi Glanville: Tao Las Vegas 10 Year Anniversary

Yep, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum GOES OFF on her former co-stars in true Mean Girl fashion on the latest episode of her podcast Brandi Glanville Unfiltered.

We must say, she sure as hell is living up to the show's name.

“Those bitches are cowards,” she said. “They’re going to talk about people who can’t defend themselves because they don’t want to talk about each other."

First, she calls out Lisa on some comments she had made about their friendship.

"Lisa Vanderc**t said that the problem with me is I wanted her all to myself and I didn’t want to be friends with anyone else, so I was ruining those relationships, because she’s such a prize and I needed to be with her and I couldn’t allow her to have other friends,” said Glanville.

“And the truth be told is the bitch doesn’t like any of the other ladies... at all. So, yeah, bitch, that wasn't the case," she continued.

"The case is you don't like anyone and you needed a sidekick and that was me because I thought you were all things amazing and now I realize that you're not.”

Holy cripes. Were they wearing their dolphin shorts and Izod shirts while this was all going down? Because they really sound like high school tweens. Except they are grown-ass women.

"Kyle went on to say that I was the catalyst that ripped her and Kim (Richards) apart. Yet, I was at Monty's memorial yesterday and she was not there."

(Kim Richards' ex-husband Monty Brinson died on January 24 of cancer at age 58.) 

At one point, Brandi's co-host Mark Hasche said he had heard that Lisa and Kyle weren't on speaking terms. 

"Of course they're not talking!" exclaimed Brandi. "They really hate each other, that's the truth."

"Well, they're both trying to be head bitch in charge," said Mark.

"Right, and there's only room for one queen bee, and her name is Yolanda."

So, Yolanda Foster is Regina George, at least in the eyes of Brandi. And Brandi is clearly Cady Heron because she's certainly playing the victim.

How embarrassing. For all of them.

Brandi is making quite the spectacle of this entire frenemy-clique-slash-"bitch-said-this" dynamic and makes me think they all just need to take a Xanax and chill the eff out.

Brandi Glanville Is Grateful For Xanax

If I wanted to watch Mean Girls I'd just queue it up on Netflix or Hulu or whatever because it would be a helluva lot funnier and far less sad.

Now I need a Xanax.

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