Kris Jenner Cuts Deal With Blac Chyna: Reality Show in Exchange for WHAT?!

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Blac Chyna finally got her wish. 

And this time, we're not referring to a baby with Rob Kardashian.

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Blac Chyna cleavage galore

We're talking about her other soon-to-be-born child: a reality show about Chyna's pregnancy and engagement to Rob.

She's had quite a year, but it didn't come without obstacles, namely, Rob's mom Kris Jenner and the rest of his family who couldn't stand her.

Kris was reportedly not pleased about her son's relationship with the Instagram model, but now she is serving as executive producer on their upcoming show, to be called simply Rob & Chyna.

Naturally, the shrewd momager didn't just hand Chyna the show on a silver platter without conditions.

In fact, Kris reportedly brokered a deal with her future daughter-in-law that just might shock fans.

“In exchange for the show, Kris made Chyna agree to remain married to Rob for at least three years,” a source close to the family tells Radar.

“Also, they have to attend prenuptial counseling.”

In the world of Hollyweird, Chyna and Rob (who have been together for less than six months) would qualify as an old married couple after three years.

But Kris don't care, because she doesn't want to have to deal with the PR fallout of another 72-day marriage a la Kim Kardashian.

“Kris refuses to have another Kris Humphries nightmare,” the source added, speaking of Kim's second short-lived husband.

“She wants Rob and Chyna to be the perfect husband and wife.”

I think we all know that's not likely, but I'm sure they can fake it for a while.

The entire family had made a fortune out of faking their entire lives, so if Chyna wants in, she better start with the acting classes, stat.

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