Teresa Giuidice Wishes Joe Giudice a Happy Birthday Behind Bars!

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It's been two months since Joe Giudice turned himself in to begin serving a 41-month prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

Teresa Giudice: Fabellini Bottle Signing

In his final weeks as a free man, Joe enjoyed pre-prison getwaways with his newly sprung wife (fresh from her own 11-month stay at Club Fed) and partied hard his dwindling group of loyal friends.

Insiders say Giudice went so hard that he showed up to prison drunk, and was punished by authorities on his first day of his sentence.

Since then, of course, Joe's partying has been severely limited by the fact that he's behind bars.

But that didn't stop his embattled wife Teresa from marking the occasion of Juicy Joe's 44th birthday on Instagram:

Joe and Teresa Giudice Throwback Photo

Tre posted the above throwback photo yesterday, along with a caption reading, "Happy Birthday to my love Joe."

She also posted a more recent pic that looks like an "after" photo for an unhappy marriage:

Teresa and Joe Giudice on Instagram

We kid the Giudices!

After all, it's impressive that they've stuck by one another through some seriously difficult times over the past two years.

Sure, there were rampant rumors about Joe cheating on Teresa while she was locked up, but at least he waited until she was behind bars.

And they say chivalry is dead.

Anyway, the Giudices marriage will have to pass several more stress tests in the years to come.

Even with the the possibility of early release, Joe will probably wind up serving another three years behind bars, and since he was born in Italy and never became an American citizen, it's possible Giudice will be deported after his release.

Add to that the fact that Teresa could go back to jail now that their fraud case has been reopened and it begins to look like the Giudices toughest days are still ahead of them.

And you thought arguments about forgetting to unload the dishwasher could put a marriage to the test.

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