Joe Giudice: Punished For Reporting to Prison Drunk, Insiders Claim

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It's only been two weeks since Joe Giudice reported to prison, but it looks as though Juicy Joe has already figured out a way to royally piss off prison officials.

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According to Radar Online, Giudice was visibly intoxicated when he turned himself in to begin serving his sentence on March 23.

"He was a total mess," reports one insider at Fort Dix Correctional Institution, adding that Giudice appeared to be "completely wasted."

Joe reportedly spent his final morning at home knocking back drinks with his newly-sprung wife, Teresa Giudice.

Sources say by the time he showed up at the penitentiary at noon, the 43-year was three sheets to the wind, in direct violation of prison rules.

Now, two weeks later, Joe is still paying the price for his final bender.

"They couldn't believe he made a mockery of the court by immediately breaking the rules," says the source.

Giudice has struggled with alcoholism for years, but he may not have realized how hefty of a price he would pay for what corrections officers consider a major infraction:

Attorney Miles Feinstein, a prisoners' rights expert, says Joe could now wind up serving his entire sentence in a maximum security setting:

"They will not show him any leniency. He doesn't have a second chance." Feinstein tells Radar.

"If it’s true, it shocks me. If it's caused a maximum security designation, then it's going to be quite different for him than being in a lower tiered level of the federal prison system."

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