Michael Strahan Exits Live; Just How Awkward Did It Get?

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The most entertaining show on television has come to an end.

What? Huh? No, we're not talking about any of the programs that got canceled on Thursday.

We're talking about Live! with Kelly and Michael... because it will soon be Live! with Kelly and Someone Else.

Live with Kelly and Michael Photo

Michael Strahan has officially filmed his final episode.

Over the past few weeks, ever since ABC botched the way in which it announced Strahan was exiting Live! for a full-time role on Good Morning America, the on-set tension between him and Kelly Ripa has been must-watch TV.

It started very soon after Ripa returned, openly talked about a lack of respect in her workplace, and then the network immediately moved Strahan's departure date up four months.

And it likely culminated with Ripa bringing up Strahan's divorce in front of a national audience:

According to various reports, Ripa doesn't even speak to Strahan before they go on air.

So... what were things like between Ripa and Strahan on the latter's final day?

"We did it," Strahan said at the co-anchors sat down side by side. "We made it out here, at least."

"Guys, guys, don't take this as a bad sign," Ripa then told the audience. "It's Friday the 13th … It's your final day on the show."

Michael Strahan's Final Show

But Strahan simply said that 13 is a "lucky number" and added:

"I am happy. I am not six feet under. Six feet, five inches above the ground. So I'm happy. It's another day."

Ripa did acknowledge that she and the staff were there to “celebrate” Strahan, prior to the former NFL star growing sentimental.

"This is a moment that I didn't anticipate being here, at least at this point. But it's here," he said.

"And we're going to enjoy it. I'm not dying. I'm still in the family. And I'm still available to come back if I'm ever called to co-host. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not gone. So, there we go."

Oh, okay, Ripa countered. She's going on vacation in a couple weeks... does he want to fill in then?

"I don't know about that," Strahan replied. "Do they say too soon? Yes."

Nope. Not awkward at all.

After a few flashbacks of Strahan’s top moments, Matt Bomer sat down as the first guest of the hour. And he’s a close friend of Ripa’s and he made this fact very well known.

"My girl is the best in the business," the actor said, with Strahan right there, of course. "And I'm so excited to see how the show goes. And it's all good."

Ripa has admitted that she doesn't view Strahan or anyone at ABC as a monster, but she hasn't exactly been show over the past several days and weeks with her opinion.

She'll be happy to see Strahan go.

Friday's episode concluded with a montage that included Strahan dressing up in a costume from the Broadway show Kinky Boots, along with him meeting his own life-size wax figure.

"A lot has happened. A lot has happened," Strahan said with a smile after watching the segment.

So hunt for a full-time replacement is now on.

In the meantime, Jimmy Kimmel will co-host alongside Ripa on Monday, while others who will take over the chair over the next set of shows include Fred Savage, Seal and Andy Cohen.

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