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True Gwen Stefani fans know that she rarely allows herself to be seen without makeup.

Gwen Stefani red lips

A lot of makeup.

Gwen is known for her bold red lips, flawless complexion, prominent brows and perfectly-drawn winged eyeliner, even when in sweatpants.

"The makeup goes on every day, even if I’m not going anywhere," she told InStyle in 2011.

So fans were shocked to see her post a totally bare-faced, bed-headed selfie yesterday to Instagram.

Gwen Stefani makeup free

And, of course, she still looks incredible.

But who needs a glam squad when you’ve got filters?

Just sayin’. We’ve ALL done it.

It’s possible that her new beau (and soon to be baby daddy?) Blake Shelton has given her the confidence to appear unpainted, as the cowboy reportedly prefers a the natural look.

His ex-wife Miranda Lambert revealed as much when she told People, "He’s one of those dudes who’s like, ‘You look prettier without it.’"

On the contrary, Gwen told Harper’s Bazaar that her husband at the time, Gavin Rossdale, preferred her with makeup.

"I like to make my husband like me more," she said. "And he likes it when I’m wearing makeup."

I can just hear Blake’s voice now.

Darlin’, that’s a load a horse sh*t. I wanna see yer pores.

To me, Gwen Stefani doesn’t seem like Gwen Stefani without the old Hollywood glamour vibe, but fresh-faced on Instagram, she’s still pretty hot.