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Remember back in January of last year when rumors about Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna hooking up were all over the Internet?

Rihanna Sells Her Fragrance
Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2016 Oscars

Well, it looks those (probably bogus) reports are officially back. 

And in the type of wonderful news that only comes around once or twice in a lifetime, Chris Brown believes the rumors and he is totes pissed off about them!

“Chris thought Rihanna was done playing around with bad boys who don’t want to commit," an insider tells Hollywood Life.

"He was stunned a little bit to hear she’s her back in Leo’s arms and whispering in his ear. That hurt him a bit because he still has feelings for her.”

The source says Chris recently changed his ways (Ed. note: LOL!), and he thought he and Ri might have a future together:

“As a former bad boy himself, Chris changed his entire image and persona, mostly for Royalty, but partly for RiRi too,” the source says.

“He loves Rihanna and no disrespect to Leo, but he doesn’t want Ri to get caught in his glory just because he recently won an Oscar. Leo’s still a player and he hopes she knows that.”

Asked about the possibility that Rihonardo is still a thing, Brown remarked:

"I don’t care if he is the king of the world, the wolf of Wall Street, and the Great motherf–kin’ Gatsby! I saw that dude get eaten a bear while he was running around in the. You can’t trust a dude that stupid!"

Okay, we may have entirely made that quote up, but c’mon – it sounds like something Breezy would say!

As for whether or not Ri-o and Leo are really hooking up, our guess would be no.

In fact, we’re pretty sure they were never hooking up (and we’re entirely sure that Rihanna was never pregnant with DiCaprio’s baby).

But if the rumors make life harder on Chris Brown we’re all for them.

In fact, we hope these two hire lookalikes to make a sex tape just to piss Chris off.

Yes…that’s the only reason we hope that happens. Is it getting warm in here to anyone else?