Cheryl Cole: Did She Leave Her Husband For Liam Payne?!

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Cheryl Cole may not be a household name on this side of the pond, but in her native UK, the former girl group member is as well known for her tumultuous love life as for her music.

Now it seems she may be reliving her pop star glory days by hitching her wagon to Liam Payne's star:

Liam Payne in Gold
Cheryl Cole at Cannes

Yes, multiple sources have confirmed that Cheryl and Liam are dating, and it seems just about everybody is weirded out by the relationship.

One issue that seems to be troubling some folks is the couple's age difference.

Cheryl is 32; Liam is 22, and while a decade is certainly nothing to sneeze at, it's worth noting that few would have a problem with a man dating a woman who was ten years his junior.

The more legitimate concern is the fact that Cheryl is still married.

Yes, Cole got hitched to Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Vessini in 2014, but it seems the relationship quickly crumbled, presumably under the weight of all those hyphens.

Interestingly, Cheryl and Jean-Bernard made their public debut at the Cannes Film Festival - just as Cheryl and Liam did this week.

It's not clear how long Liam and Cheryl have been an item, but sources in Cole's camp insist her decision to end her marriage had nothing to do with Payne.

The couple is reportedly on high awkwardness alert, as Cole's husband is also in attendance at the iconic film festival:

“Cheryl would have loved to have skipped Cannes this year but her work schedule wouldn’t permit it," says one source.

"She will be doing everything she can to avoid [Jean-Bernard].”

That sounds like a good idea.

If Liam thought the One Direction breakup was painful, wait until he experiences the sensation of some French dude breaking up his face with his fists.

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