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By now, you’re probably aware that Blac Chyna is pregnant with Rob Kardashian’s baby.

Blac Chyna Poses At Her Birthday Party/Emoji Launch
Photo via Getty Images

You’re probably also aware that she basically sees a big dollar sign in a Dodgers hat when she looks at her baby daddy, and there’s a good chance that she got pregnant just a means of drumming up publicity for the upcoming Blac-Rob reality show.

But what you might not have known is that Blac has an unstable mother who seems to be enjoying all the recent media attention even more than her eternally-thirsty daughter.

Yes, it seems Tokyo Toni has more in common with Ms. Chyna than just her fondness for Asian geographic place names.

She also shares Blac’s talent for milking every ounce of publicity out of this pregnancy:

Tokyo Toni: Blac Chyna Is Having Twins

Earlier today, Toni posted the above photo of herself (we think) with the following gibberish as a caption:

"Twins!!!!? ‘Fresh Pamper smell’ #Itsalotofwork. I’m 5 months pregnant I’m having twins! 2 boys. One is named Barney and the other Fred."

Okay, by the end it’s clear that she’s kidding (again, we think) but it’s not like Toni didn’t know what she was doing when she posted a manic, nigh-incomprehensible screed about "twins!!!!"

She says the post is about her, but we doubt she’d be sharing baby-related clickbait on social media were it not for the fact that her daughter is in the midst of one of the most heavily-hyped celebrity pregnancies in recent memory.

By the time you get to the part about the kids being named Fred and Barney (hilarious, but not for the reasons she thinks it is) it’s too late.

Tokyo has already captured your attention and made you waste valuable seconds of your life pondering her nonsense.

And this is what we’ve introduced to the world by making Blac (aka Angela Kardashian) a household name. 

If you thought Kris Jenner was willing to exploit her kids for, just you wait.

Tokyo Toni is about to show you what real thirst looks like.