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Well, this is interesting.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: 2012 NBA Playoffs
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Celebrity journalist Ian Halperin has penned several "bombshell" books revealing the secrets behind his subject’s relationships, rise to fame and more.

Halperin’s latest book, Kardashian Dynasty (Simon & Schuster) reveals how Kris Jenner went into crisis mode after Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries in 2011.

“Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries had collapsed after just 72 days and with the media claiming their relationship was just a publicity stunt, there were debates going on behind the scenes about whether the show was toast,” a source at the publisher told Radar Online

“There was a real danger that the plug was going to be pulled on them.”

At the time, Kardashian told the media that she took a little time away from the spotlight to deal with the split.  Meanwhile, Jenner put plans into motion to keep her brand relevant.

“Halperin says he discovered that Kris Jenner called a crisis meeting and came up with the idea of moving the plot forward by having Kim date someone else who was fashionable and ideally of African American descent,” the source added.

“In the end, Halperin says the list included one Caucasian, Justin Bieber, as well as Kanye [West], Nick Young, of the LA Lakers, and Matt Kemp, of the LA Dodgers, who once dated Rihanna."

The world of celebrity was Kardashian’s for the taking really.

“Kim settled on Kanye, though at first she thought he was too short for her."

West accepted her proposal, totally cool with the details of the arrangement.

“Halperin says that Kris was upfront with Kanye about this being a set up and he agreed because he thought his star as well as Kim’s would be augmented.”


“It became friends with benefits and Kim got pregnant and they really did fall for each other.”

Kardashian and West do look like smitten kittens, and have since they started "hanging out."  In February 2012, Kardashian attended Paris Fashion Week with West, and sported a pair of $6,000 Giuseppi Zanotti heels designed by him at a few shows.