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Justin Bieber is in love with Selena Gomez.

Is this statement even up for debate at this point?

Justin Bieber Says Good Morning

The artist cannot stop stringing his fellow artist along, always going back to her even after their attempts at a romantic relationship so often fizzle out.

It’s clear Bieber is simply head-over-heels for Selena.

So why can’t he just commit? Why did he allegedly get caught with Hailey Baldwin even while he was trying to win Gomez back for the 897th time?

Some may say that Bieber is arrogant … pompous … immature … simply sowing some wild oats at the young age of 21.

As part of this "phase," he’s taking advantage of all the women who are likely hurling their naked bodies in his direction.

That argument isn’t terrible. But we say this:

What if Justin Bieber is a sex addict?

Consider the evidence; namely that he seems to have A LOT of sex!

Bieber simply can’t keep his hands (or any other body parts) to himself, so much so that he seemingly had sex with a prostitute in Brazil.

Why would a handsome celebrity such as Justin Bieber have intercourse with a professional unless he absolutely had to? Unless he simply could not help himself?

Why would he frequently sabotage his relationship with Gomez just got a little tail? Why would he cheat on the woman he loves?

Why would he develop crushes on women he barely even knows, as documented below?

Why would he want Scott Disick’s sloppy seconds?

There could be any number of answers to these questions, but it would be silly to pretend as if one of them isn’t that Bieber is addicted to sexual intercourse.

What do you think of this theory? Could Justin Bieber be a sex addict?