Justin Bieber Hairstyles: From Cute to Creepy…

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Justin Bieber has come a very long way since he was discovered by Usher on YouTube.

The "Baby" singer is now very "Sorry" for some of his actions, but that doesn't mean we've forgiven him yet for those dreadlocks.

With Bieber having debuted this look at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in the spring of 2016, it felt like a good time to stop and take a look back and the superstar's hair evolution.

Has he improved his appearance since we first met him? You be the judge...

1. The Bowl Cut

The Bowl Cut
Those eyes are piercing, we know. But look at that uneven hairstyle, as if someone just plopped a bowl down over Bieber's head and cut around the edges.

2. The Spike

The Spike
Justin clearly grew sick of brushing hair out of his face, eventually sticking it up high in the opposite direction.

3. The Classic Bieber

The Classic Bieber
It's blonde. It's poofed up a bit, but not too much. Why did Bieber ever go away from this style?

4. The Facial Hair

The Facial Hair
The facial hair ATTEMPT, we should say. If you can't really frow it, Justin, do not show it.

5. The Dye Job

The Dye Job
Yup, Justin actually went purple at one point. Although... you aren't exactly focused on his hair here, are you?

6. The Llama

The Llama
Leave this look to the animals, JB.

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