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Jenelle Evans may not be winning any Mother of the Year Awards in the near future (Hell, she may not even be winning any custody battles!), but when it comes to trolling celebs on social media, it’s important to adhere to strict Mafia rules and leave kids and civilians out of it.

Unfortunately, some of Jenelle’s followers violated the unwritten code of comments section conduct when she posted this photo of her 1-year-old son Kaiser on Instagram yesterday:

Jenelle Evans' Son Kaiser

Things started out with the usual concern trolling:

"I just can’t with this ‘life vest’! Also being from Canada these aren’t regulated or approved. Maybe we care about our kids here more in Canada."

Yes, Jenelle even brings out the rudeness in Canadians. That’s how hated this girl is!

Several commenters pointed out that lil Kai is actually sporting US Coast Guard-approved flotation devices, but the floodgates of hate had already been opened – and that’s when things got really ugly:

"Why is he so huge?!" wrote one follower.

"Because Jenelle stuffs him with food/bottles when she doesn’t want to deal with him….which is often… And he should’ve lost that weight by now if he was an active baby," another responded.

Yep. Things really got that ugly that fast.

Look, we love making fun of Jenelle. We do it just about every day.

But her daily insanity gives us so more than enough to work with, so we really don’t understand the need to attack her kids.

So please, stick to Jenelle’s many arrests, her awful taste in men, her hilariously dysfunctional relationship with her mother, heck – even her own crappy parenting!

Just don’t drag her kids into it.