Hailey Baldwin: Justin Bieber's Her Bae, Doesn't Care About Selena Gomez?!

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Hailey Baldwin recently gave an interview to Marie Claire magazine, and in it she discussed her relationship with one Justin Bieber.

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“I don’t want attention out of dating somebody," she told the publication.

"Texts started coming through, crazy phone calls… it’s hard to date somebody in this industry. You have to have really thick skin and be very strong. You have to focus on the person and nothing else.”

Sounds reasonable.

I personally think it would suck like hell to date Justin Bieber, due to the media attention alone. And, you know, death threats from Beliebers.

And speaking of negative media coverage, Celeb Dirty Laundry is taking Hailey's innocent quote and making insane assumptions.

Because Hailey didn't specifically say "Justin and I are not currently dating," the site presumes that she's talking about a current relationship with the Biebs.

Taking an even grander leap, it accuses Hailey of being oblivious to the rumors of Justin trying to get back together with Selena Gomez, even though that whole shtick was probably just for publicity anyway.

In reality, Hailey never claimed Justin as her boyfriend, and vice versa. In fact, she confirmed the two were not exclusive back in February.

"We are not an exclusive couple," Baldwin said. "He's about to go on tour. Relationships at this age are already complicated, but I don't really like to talk about it because it's between me and him."

Sounds fair enough.

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