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Two weeks ago, Nick Young was busted for cheating on Iggy Azalea thanks to a video uploaded by his teammate D’Angelo Russell.

In the days since, Iggy has repeatedly assured the public that she and Nick are just fine, and that they’ve sorted out the pesky matter of him admitting to banging a 19-year-old behind Iggy’s back.

Now, however, it looks like there’s reason to believe that Iggy has finally kicked Nick to the curb.

Tommy Page With Iggy Azalea
Photo via Getty Images for Pandora

Iggy fans (yes, those still exist) became suspicious yesterday after an interview in which the rapper joked that she planned to cut Nick’s penis off if he ever cheated again.

It was a surprising comment, as Iggy previously claimed that despite his videotaped confession, she was confident that Nick had never been unfaithful.

Still, despite the fact that she was obviously quite pissed, it still looked as though Nicki planned to stay with Nick and try to work things out.

It looks as though she had a change of heart sometime in the past 24 hours, however, as TMZ is now reporting that Iggy was not wearing her engagement ring when she stepped out for a radio interview in Atlanta this morning.

Nothing’s been confirmed, but based on the developments on these latest developments, we’d say Iggy’s relationship is about as dead as her music career.