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On Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 19, Katie Maloney tried to force Lisa Vanderpump to have her engagement party at Villa Rose.

Meanwhile, James Kennedy banged Kristen Doute. On his BMW.

Watch Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 19 Online
Watch Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 19 Online

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online on the reg, you know Katie and her co-stars have … interesting relationships to say the least.

Lisa sorta gave in, but had A LOT to say when Katie persisted that Stassi Schroeder and Kirsten Doute should be on the guest list.

The HBIC let Katie use Villa Rosa as long as she uninvited Kristen and Stassi. Those two understood … and then talked about crashing it.

That move should go over incredibly well, don’t you think?

Probably the #1 takeaway from the night was the fact that James Kennedy and Kristen Doute stopped fighting and were horny AF.

When they went back to her apartment to get it in, Stassi was sleeping in her bed, so … they resorted to railing each other on the BMW.

Not in, on. These two know how to keep it classy. And then break up in epic fashion and bang other people immediately as revenge.

Co-dependency is real, people. As is rampant narcissism.

Incredibly (or perhaps not, considering it’s these two), James had just admitted that he did sleep with Jenna before his split with Kristen.

He laughed about it. She cried about it and stormed out.

Yet, somehow, they were slapping bodies before we knew it … after which he told horny side piece Lala Kent about it, and she got jealous.

Just another day in the life of James Effing Kennedy.

While all this was going on, Jax Taylor was forced to take a red eye to Hawaii to face the consequences of sunglasses theft. In person.

Faced with a looming criminal case, Jax plunged into an existential crisis, and he began questioning everything in his sad, lonely life.

That includes his romance with Brittany Cartwright.

You’d think he would be inclined to get more serious after taking a long, hard look at his life, but he … told her he’s not a fan of marriage.

Obviously, she was far from pleased, but in Jax’s mind, he paid for her fake boobs, so she should at least be happy with that. #Logic.

Elsewhere, Tom Sandoval shot a music video in order to kick start his music career, but whether he makes it big is a different story.

Think he’s got what it takes to be a star?!