Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 18 Recap: Too Little, Too Late

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On a drama-filled Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 18, Stassi Schoreder learned the answer to Justin Bieber's eternal question:

Yes, in some cases it actually is too late to say sorry.

Picking up where we left off the previous Monday, Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 18 found tensions peaking amongst the cast.

Never was this more true than with fallen icon Stassi.

Despite apologizing to Katie Maloney for being a bad friend, the latter said it was “too little, too late,” which brought the former to tears.

When Stassi told her (ex) friend that their bond was one of, if not the best she's ever had, Tom Schwartz's fiancee laid the smack down:

“No s--t, because your friendships are fluff with people."

“I don’t think friends are disposable, period, or people are disposable," Katie added. "I’m sorry, but I was a f--king amazing friend to you.”

Katie M. is nothing if not a f--king amazing friend.

After Stassi said she was “wrong” for her actions, Katie snapped, “Great, but too little, too late. I’ve got obviously amazing people in my life."

"You know," she said in a point that's awfully hard to refute, "I just wouldn’t have time to go through that again. I would be a damn fool.”

Stassi had been kind of a d--k to peeps for years, so it's easy to see why the instant reaction wasn't "forgive and forget" on Katie's part.

After a lengthier conversation, however, Katie did agree to work toward a reconciliation with Stassi - incrementally, and organically.

We'll see how well those efforts take over time.

Elsewhere, Scheana Marie worried that she'd lose her best friend because of these developments, though Katie assured her otherwise.

For her part, Katie put Tom Schwartz on blast defending Ariana Madix after a few too many drinks, and told him to take his ring back.

Oh yes, it got a little heavy at their apartment.

Yes, it was said in the heat of the moment, but we wonder if there were any strings attached to that demand. (See what we did there?!)

Luckily, they chalked it up to tequila and put that behind them, while Jax tried his hand at babysitting for Peter's girlfriend, and ... wow.

One couldn't realistically expect Jax Taylor to take good care of another human being, but still. Every rule was broken from the onset.

Check out the episode above in full to see.

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