The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 17: Watch Online!

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WARNING: The first five minutes of The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 17 are... well... hmmm....

To be honest, we're not sure how to describe them. You really need to see them for yourself.

On a whole, The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 17 found Diane, Cary and Lucca defending the grieving father of a shooting victim in a defamation lawsuit over a billboard he put up describing a gun store owner as a murderer.

In other words: the show once again delved straight into a very hot button issue. This time, gun control.

Elsewhere during the hour, Alicia and Jason's romantic rendezvous was interrupted when Alicia learned that Grace was being accused of plagiarizing her college entrance essay.

How did Alicia react to her daughter's future being in jeopardy?

Click on the video above to watch The Good Wife online and find out now!

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