Taylor Swift: Did She Go Full Mean Girl on Demi Lovato at an Oscars Party?

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As you may have heard, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato butted heads last week after Demi basically called Taylor a fake feminist on Twitter.

Taylor Swift Grammy Outfit
Demi Lovato at 2016 Grammys

Taylor takes her a role as a supporter of other female artists seriously, and questioning her motives is like telling Kanye West he's not the most important artist, genius, and human of all time. It's just not something you do.

Demi kind of apologized to Taylor on social media, but the damage had been done, and now Taylor has reportedly added Demi's name to her Nixonian list of enemies.

Now, sources are saying the whole thing came to a head at the Vanity Fair party that followed the 2016 Academy Awards on Sunday night.

“Demi and Taylor crossed paths and Taylor asked if she was having fun,” an insider tells OK! magazine. “It was super tense and Demi seemed uncomfortable.”

It may seem like an innocent encounter, but Taylor asking if you're having fun when you know you've pissed her off is like the Godfather kissing you on the lips.

It's a nice gesture that's meant to let you know you're not long for this world.

The source adds that after her tense encounter with Swift, Demi "went outside and stayed there."

Don't be surprised to hear that Demi was jumped by a gang of Victoria's Secret models sometime in the near future.

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