Stacey Dash to Join The Real Housewives of Atlanta?!?

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Stacey Dash was not exactly expected to show up at the 2016 Academy Awards. We remain perplexed over what she was doing there.

Kenya on the Reunion
Stacey Dash Oscars Appearance

But now a celebrity gossip website is claiming that the former Clueless star may soon appear someplace even more unexpected:

On Bravo!

As a Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member!!!

According to MediaTakeOut - one of the least reputable sites on the entire World Wide Web - producers are getting ready to give Kim Fields the boot after just one season on the show.

In her place, the series has allegedly made the "BIGGEST signing in Atlanta Housewives history" by agreeing on terms with Dash.

Moreover, Dash will supposedly get paid so much money ($2 million per year!) that the other cast members will need to "take a pay cut" in order for the network to afford her.

If true, this salary would make Dash the highest-paid Housewife in franchise history.

Why would the program even consider it?

Love Dash, hate Dash or really, really, really hate Dash... you cannot deny that she would be amazing for ratings.

This is someone who once said only bad girls get raped and who has made a living by saying pretty much anything on Fox News and other outlets.

She would be unafraid to speak her mind, that's for sure.

Will this signing actually take place?

Producer Andy Cohen appeared to shoot down the rumor on Twitter over the weekend, but crazier things have happened.

And it's not as if Dash has a large number of offers she's weighing at the moment.

Would you be more or less likely to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online if Dash were a cast member? Would you be sad to see Fields go if she really has been fired?

And can you believe just how many douchebags have existed on reality television?!?

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