Rob Kardashian & Tyga Come Face-to-Face: Awkwardness Alert!

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Over the weekend, Rob Kardashian celebrated his birthday with his mother and famous sisters.

Kylie Jenner, Rob Kardashian Photo

Due to some ongoing tension between his girlfriend and his family, Blac Chyna was not invited to the shindig, which may have led to an awkward encounter that Rob's probably been avoiding for months. 

According to Hollywood Life, Tyga attended Rob's b-day celebration as Kylie Jenner's guest.

This was presumably the first time that the two men came face-to-face since Rob started dating Blac - who happens to be Tyga's baby mama and Kylie's mortal enemy.

Details are scarce, but we imagine it had to be at least a little bit awkward.

Tyga has expressed his fondness for Rob in interviews, but it's one thing to say you're cool with the guy who's dating your ex (and bringing a world of drama into your life), and another thing to clap while he blows out the candles.

Anyway, if there was any drama between Rob and Tyga it's been kept under wraps.

As far as we can tell, no one in Rob's life is crazy about the idea of him dating Blac, but they're all trying to move forward with as little tension as possible.

Hey, it's not like this is the first time someone in this family made a baffling romantic decision.

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