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Stacey Dash will forever be best known for her role in Clueless.

To many critics at the moment, however, Stacey Dash is best known for being clueless when it comes to rape.

An outspoken Republican, the actress appeared on Fox News yesterday and seemed to blame rape victims for the situations in which they find themselves, saying no one forces anyone to drink and that only those who act "naughty get hurt."

Stacey Dash Sparks Rape Victim Controversy

Dash was asked about the University of Virginia’s decision to order sorority members to not attend fraternity parties this weekend, labeling the school’s move as "ridiculous" and then expanding on why.

"I think it’s a good thing, for the good girls, to you know… not to be told, ‘stay home, be safe,’" Dash reasoned, adding:

"The other bad girls, or the ones who like to be naughty, might go out and play and and get hurt."

As if referring to potential rape victims as "naughty" weren’t controversial enough, Dash cited the behavior of certain women as a cause for sexual assault.

"But the other thing about this is, it then blames the alcohol instead of the person who overdrinks," she said. "So you know, it’s like, the same thing with guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Alcohol doesn’t get you drunk, you get yourself drunk."

Very true. And also very irrelevant to the issue of rape.

Oddly enough, Dash appeared to take the opposite side of this fragile topic last July when she came down hard on Kanye West for comparing paparazzi attention to rape.

"For Kanye to say rape, maybe he needs to spend some time on Rikers Island,” said Dash at the time, referring to the infamous New York prison. “You know, go to Rikers for a little while. And then he’ll know what rape is."

What do you think of Dash’s latest comments?