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Selena Gomez’s “worst nightmare” is about to come true if Justin Bieber really got Kourtney Kardashian pregnant, a new report indicates.

Kourtney Kardashian #TBT

If you missed it, the Internet is on fire with reports that Justin Bieber got Kourtney Kardashian pregnant during one of their sex romps.

While that rumor remains dubious at best – it came from Life & Style, after all, and neither party has confirmed it – we’ve heard worse.

After all, it’s not the first time Bieber has been linked to Kourtney (we all remember the car sex photo and Lord Disick shade) of late.

Nor is it unreasonable to believe that Selena Gomez, Biebs’ longtime lover, would flip her s–t at the mere possibility of this love child.

The “Good for You” singer will be “truly devastated” when she finally hears the news, says a source close to the burgeoning pop star.

“[Selena] would flip out if Kourtney was having Justin’s baby. She was furious when Justin and Kourtney hooked up the first time.”

This, though, “would be truly devastating for her,” given the fact that Selena personally “wanted to have Justin’s baby years ago.”

Wow. How insane is that.

The heart wants what it wants, we suppose (see what we did there!?) and apparently hers still wants that douche Justin Bieber.

Not that it’s ever easy when your ex moves on, but when it’s with another celeb and all over the tabloids – and there’s a baby?!

Supposedly. Again, it has not been confirmed, but given Justin and Kourtney’s history of hookups, well, crazier things have happened.

“Kourtney’s already admitted to friends that she and Justin have been intimate, and she hasn’t been with Scott in a longtime,” says an insider.

“So the math is pretty clear. It would have to be a Bieber baby.”

You hear that? It’s the sound of Beliebers’ hearts breaking … and Selena readying her next melancholy Instagram quote as we speak.