Scott Disick: Dating Kendall Jenner Lookalike Christine Burke!

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Scott Disick has done a lot of sleazy things over the years (You don't earn the nickname "Douche Lord" by being a standup guy), but nothing tops Scott's years of mistreatment of Kourtney Kardashian.

Now that they're officially broken up (Scott's attempts to win Kourtney back have been derailed by booze and the fact that he's awful.), you might think that Disick would tone down the sleaze a bit, if only for the sake of his kids. You would be wrong.

The gallery above features photos of a 20-year-old model named Christine Burke, who's currently dating Scott, presumably because she's 20, and her brain hasn't fully developed yet.

Anyway, Christine isn't even old enough to drink and she's dating a weathered, alcoholic dad, but the relationship is drawing a lot of attention for a different creepy reason.

As you may have noticed, Christine looks an awful lot like another 20-year-old up-and-coming model - Kendall Jenner.

Considering Scott dated Kendall's half-sister Kourtney for nine years and has stated on several occasions that Kendall is like a little sister to him, there's a serious ick factor to the fact his new girl is basically Kendall's dead ringer.

Hey, on the bright side, we guess this means those rumors about Disick dating the actual Kendall aren't true.

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