Scott Disick is Addicted to Cocaine, Frequently Cheats on Kourtney Kardashian, Former Manager Claims

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If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online or read any celebrity gossip at all, it's not exactly a secret that Scott Disick likes to party.

But in a recent interview with Life & Style, Disick's close friend and former manager David Weintraub revealed that Scott's bad habits are far more severe than the public realizes.

Scott Disick Red Carpet

Scott Disick ditched rehab for the fifth time last month, and Weintraub says he now fears for the reality star's life. 

"Scott is a cokehead," Wientraub says, chillingly adding:

"He is totally at the point where he could kill himself."

In addition to the drug use, Weintraub says Disick's infidelity is so rampant that it almost seems as though he intends to sabotage his relationship.

Weintraub claims he's seen Scott cheat on Kourtney Kardashian with "countless women" over the years, sometimes in the presence of Kylie Jenner's boyfriend, Tyga.

"In Las Vegas about a year ago, Scott and the rapper Tyga were partying at a strip club," the manager reveals.

"Scott was doing drugs and making out with the girls. Then he grabbed two strippers and went into the private room, where anything can happen."

In one of the strangest portions of the interview, Weintraub reveals that Disick claims Kourtney is okay with his philandering.

"Scott says they have an arrangement, kind of an open marriage," Weintraub says.

"When he's away, he can live the way he wants to live."

As for the frequent rumors of Kourtney dumping Scott, Weintraub says they're often true:

"They've broken up at least 20 times in the years they've been together," he says.

Weintraub says Scott's chronic misbehavior is the main reason that he and Kourtney have yet to make it official:

"Why does she need to marry him? She knows she can't really trust him. She got her kids and she's worth five times what he is."

And with that, Kourtney might have cemented her place as the smartest Kardashian.

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