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According to the latest rumors surrounding Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian, the Lord is ready to pull out all the stops to win her back.

An uphill battle? Yes. A desperate attempt? Clearly. But these qualify as desperate times, and he’s got the measures to match …

No sooner was Scott linked to Lina Sandberg than his inner circle publicly told anyone who’d listen that he’s not dating Lina Sandberg.

Then came talk of a “desperate” attempt at getting back with the mother of his children, complete with a very un-Disick-like mea culpa.

Sources close to the Lord say Scott is nothing without Kourtney and is committed to being a sober, upstanding parent and human being.

Many onlookers saw the public Lina “breakup” as a ploy for Kourt’s love, especially given some of the quotes attributed to his camp.

“Scott’s always with Kourtney. Even when he’s not actually with her, he’s ‘with’ her. Their relationship will always stand the test of time.”

“Scott owes everything to Kourtney, and while at times he does a lousy job showing it … he knows he’s nothing, he’s lost without her.”

Seriously. Dude is launching quite the shadow PR campaign.

It’s far from clear whether Kourtney may warm up to his overtures, but insiders say his bid to win her back might not be totally in vain.

Saying he’s “nothing” without her is just a tease, we’re told.

Disick’s net worth, reportedly in the healthy eight-figure range (somehow), is at least as much as Kourtney’s, and he’s gonna use it.

Sources ssay he’ll spend as much of it as becomes necessary to earn her trust, and won’t rest until she gives him another shot.

He’s certain that sooner or later she will … and maybe he’s right, but in the meantime, we don’t suggest checking out the gallery below.

Could be a little disheartening. Or maybe he should look at it as motivation to try that much harder. Either way, she looks unreal lately