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Listen, up! Rob Kardashian totally loves Blac Chyna, and anyone who doesn’t like it can just f**k off!

That’s pretty much what he said in an Instagram post today, in which he shared a photo of his green-haired girlfriend sleeping.

Blac Chyna sleeping

"Love this woman right here so f**k y’all with your negative comments!!" were his exact words.

But, who is he talking about when he says "y’all"?

"Y’all" meaning his sister Khloe, who threw the pair out of her house and thinks “Blac’s a trouble-making gold-digger" and doesn’t want her near Rob?

Or "y’all" meaning little sis Kylie, who is dating Blac’s baby daddy and has been feuding with the eyelash designer for more than a year?

Or could "y’all" be referring to his mother Kris Jenner, who "doesn’t 100% trust Blac’s real motives"?

Perhaps he’s just talking about Instagram trolls in general, like the classy gentleman who wrote, "This Fat F**k Was Locked Away On A Eating Binge For For A Few Years, Resurfaces With This F**king Smutt Pig Now Everybody Is Up & Arms In Love With The Fact…, SMH."

Seems like everybody’s got something to say.

However, sources close to the sock designer say he’s happier than he’s been in years and even lost 40 pounds with the help of his new love.

So while his relationship with Blac may have been unexpected and unconventional, if at the end of the day he’s better off for it, who the hell cares?

You do you, Rob. And if you wanna do Blac in a sex tape, well, I guess that’s your prerogative, too.