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Think a lot went down on Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 12?

Let’s recap:

Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 12 Online
Watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 12 Online

We learned more about April and Jackson’s troubled relationship…. Richard got into the way of Maggie and Andrew’s romance… Arizona took a step forward in her love life… Alex sort of received an answer to his proposal… and Meredith discovered the truth about Owen and Nathan’s feud.

Got all that? No?

Okay, let’s really recap:

April to Arizona that she wanted to enjoy being “happy for the first time in a year” before dropping the baby bombshell on Jackson because she had no idea how that would change things.

Then there was Katie Bryce, a former patient of Derek’s who was readmitted to Grey Sloan and Meredith’s first surgery as an intern. Yes, we went way back in the day for this one.

Bryce openly expressed shock that a “train wreck” such as Meredith could be a doctor, while also wondering (right to Amelia’s face) whether Amelia was as reliable a surgeon as her brother.

This jolted her confidence, to the point where she tried to call things off with Owen, but he assured her that she could handle the procedure.

As for Jo and Alex? The former asked the latter what he was going to do with the engagement ring she found in the drawer.

The latter asked for an answer; the former still refused to give one; and then she later told Stephanie that she doesn’t want the ring “right now.”

Pretty annoying way for Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 to keep dragging out this storyline.

Richard, meanwhile, kept giving Andrew assignments to keep him away from Maggie, prompting Maggie to reveal to her lover that Richard is her dad.

Oh, and Arizona mentioned to Richard that Andrew’s girlfriend, who he brought up once, is a "screamer."

Toward the end of the hour, we saw that Katie made it through her surgery, but that Meredith and Nathan lost their patient.

After pressing from Meredith, Nathan finally explained that he allowed his sister, Meg, to board a helicopter that disappeared because there was only room for one doctor and it was her patient on board.

"I don’t go asking about your dead husband, do I?" he finally snapped at Meredith after all the questioning.

Can you blame the guy for getting so upset?

Finally, Jo told Alex that she isn’t ready for the ring. But that she doesn’t want it "gone" either. Sigh.

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