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Yesterday, we reported that Selena Gomez has been gettin’ it on Marvin Gaye-style with singer Charlie Puth, and wouldn’t you know it, Justin Bieber is sad.

Justin Bieber in the tub
Selena Gomez drinking coffee

Since Biebs learned of Selena Gomez dating Charlie Puth, he’s been texting his ex nonstop, probably including plenty of cry emojis.

Begging her to ditch what’s-his-face and give him another chance, according to HollywoodLife, Bieber is going out of his mind.

“Justin hates the rumors of a Charlie and Selena relationship and he has been blowing up her phone trying to talk to her about it,” a source told the site.

“He is threatened that he will lose her to him. He isn’t taking responsibility that his own actions are to blame for not having her in his life.”

So, Justin, maybe it IS too late to say sorry. (Had to be done.)

The thing is, Selena’s been sending some mixed messages.

She’s been flirting with Justin on Instagram and attended his concert last week, and sources say they were seen getting real chummy backstage.

But, hey, Selena’s a single lady, and Justin’s on tour, so what’s a girl to do?

She and Charlie appear to have a strong mental connection (don’t laugh, we’re serious) so she might as well explore the potential there.

“I don’t know if anyone really understands me," Puth told Us Weekly.

"Which is why I hang out with Selena Gomez. She gets me."

A friend of Selena’s says she’s "super into" Charlie, and so far we haven’t heard any reports of him throwing eggs at houses or whizzing in buckets at restaurants.

The bar is set low, but doggonit, he may just be a keeper!

It’s okay Justin, really. Think about the bright side here.

Not only are you possibly still getting it on with Kourtney Kardashian here and there, but you’ll always have the hot, grinding memories …