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Like many celebrities, Bella Thorne has both public and private social media accounts.

On her public Instagram, Bella bounces around braless for our amusement, while on her private Instagram…well, we don’t know what she does, and frankly we don’t care. It can’t get much more awesome than that, especially with the site’s no-nipple policy.

Bella Thorne Smoking Weed
Photo via Neilson Barnard

Anyway, on her public Snapchat account, Bella interacts with fans, and – if the video above is any indication – on her private Snapchat she burns down fat-ass blunts like the love child of Miley Cyrus and Snoop Dogg.

We can understand why she tried (and failed) to keep her love of the ganja under wraps.

After all, Bella is only 18, and she’s s recent product of the same Nickelodeon star-making machine.

Then again, the girl is 18, she posts photos of her butt online like it’s her job (which we guess it sort of is), and there are far worse things she could be doing than getting stoned while taking a selfie video.

Like we said, Bella is still in that awkward stage between child and adult stardom, and she’s probably still feeling out what sort of behavior is appropriate for her.

We think this fine; others may disagree.

We just hope she doesn’t get all baked and go out licking donuts like fellow Nick alum Ariana Grande.