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Way to go, Jodie!

Last weekend, Miley Cyrus angered many fans by posting a racy photo of actress Jodie Sweetin back in her partying days.

Jodie Sweetin in pink dress
(Brian To/

No one really understood what the singer’s motive was, but the pic featured Jodie straddling a man while wearing a low-cut black tank top and was captioned, "Current Mood #fullerhouse."

Jodie has been open about her past addictions to drugs and alcohol, but has been sober for some time and is making a comeback by starring in Fuller House and as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

Fans took Miley to task for her irresponsible post and scolded her for throwing shade at Jodie after she’s cleaned up her life.

"She’s moved on from that life, but obviously you haven’t," wrote one commenter.

Today, Jodie responded to the ordeal, and is clearly taking the high road.

"I don’t pay attention to negative stuff," she told E! News. "I have so much good stuff going on in my life right now that I try not to pay attention."

She also added that it’s "not worth it" to focus on the less-than-favorable comments of others.

Someone tell that to Kim Kardashian. (And Kanye West, for that matter.)

Good on you, Jodie. The best revenge is living well, and clearly, you are.