Kim Kardashian's Crazy Twitter Rant: Did Kanye Do It?

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The social media queen herself got scrappy with other celebs.

Kim Kardashian Tweets Yet Another Nudie

Or did she?

In a very bizarre, very uncharacteristic move, Kim Kardashian tweeted back to celebrities who made fun of her nude selfie, which the reality star posted on March 7th.

Piers Morgan and Bette Midler's were the most popular, prompting Kardashian to respond publicly.

Midler FTW:

Bette Midler Pokes Fun at Kim Kardashian on Twitter

Cheesy joke, but all in good fun from Mr. Morga:

Piers Morgan Pokes Fun at Kim Kardashian's Nude Selfie

What's weird is that the responses from Kardashian were too outlandish and obnoxious to be from Kardashian herself.

My theory (and that of Morgan's) is that West got ahold of his wife's account and went HAM on her haters.

Kim Kardashian Slams Bette Midler on Twitter
Kim Kardashian Tweets To Bette Midler

After Chloe Grace retweeted Midler's tweets, Kardashian/West went after her right quick.

Kim Kardashian Tweets to Chloe Moretz

This prompted Moretz to clarify her part in this whole mess.

"There's a huge difference in respecting the platform that you're given as a celebrity and 'slut shaming' something I never have done and would never do," Moretz tweeted last night.

Meanwhile, Kardashian/West tweeted about the $53 million that West had admitted to losing from his creative endeavors.

Kim Tweets About Making Money

A few hours before the rants began, West asked tweeted something cryptic from his own account.

"Question... Why do people not want me to be me? I want people to be the best version of themselves and I will be the best version of me," he wrote.

"Please avoid trying to talk me out of being me in the future. ###hashtag all positive vibes."


Before this all started, Kardashian tweeted about the photo, which some fans thought was a post-baby body reveal.

Kim Thanks Fans On Twitter For Nude Selfie

That sounds more like the Kardashian we've come to know, and not the crazy cakes who created a much talked-about scene.

Change that password, Kimmy.  Don't let someone's "creativity" cloud your lucrative business sense.

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