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Jenelle Evans has several tattoos, but there’s only one she regrets: the one that reads her ex-boyfriend’s name.

Jenelle Evans with her kids

The Teen Mom 2 star took to her website to document the process of covering up the regrettable body art and advise fans on the ins and outs of getting a tattoo.

"At the time, I figured I’ve been with this man and did in-fact fall in love with him and honestly believed I would be with him the rest of my life," she explained.

"I acted quickly, and we both came up with the idea to get an ambigram of each other’s names on our hips for being ‘attached at the hip.’"

She posted a photo to Instagram of the "before" shot, which displays the tat she wanted to conceal.

Jenelle Evans tattoo before cover-up

As you can see, his name appears directly underneath a separate octopus tattoo. 

While she never identified which ex she was talking about, when asked by a Twitter follower whose name she was covering up, Jenelle replied, "Rhymes with Satan."

So, unless she has an ex named Zatan that we don’t know about, she’s likely referring to her baby daddy Nathan Griffith.

And here’s how she covered it up:

Jenelle Evans new tattoo cover up

If you ask us, it looks like the poor cephalopod is suffering a slow death in a puddle of its own ink.

Jenelle offers this explanation:

"I chose this tattoo because like an octopus uses it’s ink for a defense mechanism, I’m using this idea to cover up my old tattoo with the ‘ink’ of the octopus over it as a defense for me to get rid of something that I don’t want to see anymore."

I mean, hey, that’s cool. Probably made it easier for the tattoo artist to just draw a big blob and color it in.

However, she may be sending a message to Nathan, who she’s fighting in a custody battle over their son Kaiser: You mess with me, Ima ink all over you!

Jenelle offers some advice to fans who are considering a tattoo:

"My advice to anyone about this lesson I learned in life is do not get anyone’s names tattooed on you that you’re in a current relationship with."

Seriously, there should be a stern warning about inking your bae’s name posted in every tattoo shop.